What causes my skin to tan?
When our skin is exposed to UV rays contained in sunlight it produces a pigment called melanin. The melanin oxidizes and darkens acting as a defense mechanism to protect us from too much UV light resulting in the appearance of a tan.

MYTH: Indoor tanning beds cook you from the inside out.

Tanning is only skin deep. It takes place in the epidermis which is the outermost layer of our skin where melanin is produced.

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Is indoor tanning beneficial over outdoor tanning?
Yes, although over exposure to any UV rays can be harmful, indoor tanning is a controlled environment regulated by the FDA. Exposure times are preset to limit the amount of radiation therefore preventing burning and reducing the risk of skin damage. In addition, maintaining your base tan can be done at your convenience in as little as 15 minutes a week enabling you to maximize your time and money.

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Do I get Vitamin D from indoor tanning beds?
Yes, the UVB rays contained in sunlight or indoor tanning lights cause our bodies to produce vitamin D which is a hormone essential in fighting heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, many forms of cancers and mental disorders such as depression.

MYTH: Tanning is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

Moderation is the key. Here at Tropix we encourage you to balance UVA and UVB ray exposure times by changing beds frequently and by following guidelines recommended by one of our experienced consultants.

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Are indoor tanning lotions necessary?
Yes. In order to attain a deep bronze color and shorten the amount of time you are actually lying in the tanning bed, our lotions are imperative. They contain top quality accelerators and vitamins that allow the UV rays to penetrate your skin and keep you from “plateauing”. They also maximize and increase blood flow which allows the melanin cells to reproduce more readily quickening the darkening process.

MYTH: Suntan lotions are only needed to prevent burning.

Dry skin reflects light making it harder for the UV rays to penetrate it. Our quality products contain heavy natural moisturizers with no alcohol that lengthen the life of your tan by preventing shedding of skin and preserving your color.

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Is it possible to get an even tan indoors?
Yes. Another benefit of indoor tanning is that our beds allow you to gradually build your base tan and customize the amount of UVA versus UVB rays to accommodate your skin type. Our comfortable roomy beds enable you to shift positions in order to prevent areas where oxygen flow is low like “pressure points” from not tanning. The result is a much more consistent tan making you appear darker.

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Are goggles really necessary?
Yes. At Tropix, we require all our customers to comply with FDA regulations protecting their safety by using certified eyewear while lying in the beds.

MYTH: Closing my eyes will be enough protection to block out UV rays.

The skin on our eyelids is very thin and cannot block out UV rays. Our goggles block out 99% of all rays.

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Is it beneficial to combine sunless tanning with UV tanning?
Yes, the fastest way to get a natural instant tan is to build a base tan in the beds and then get a spray tan on top of it to even it out and moisturize it.

MYTH: All spray tans look orange and streaky.

Our solutions contain no carrot oil or any other orange tint. Our certified airbrush technician will choose a color that best matches your natural skin tone. She will apply a light even coat to ensure no streaking. Our equipment is new and efficient, allowing our trained professionals to do the best job possible.

*Check out the do’s and don’ts of spray tanning on our website

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Will indoor tanning age my skin and damage it permanently?
No. If you are a consistent tanner, indoor tanning will give you the ability to have a warm healthy, glow year round that will not age or wrinkle you near as fast as the natural sun. Skin regenerates itself a little slower during the aging process but we offer ways to counteract the aging process and revitalize the skin cells damaged by sun.

*Check out our section on Red Bulb Therapy to educate yourself on how to fight aging and other skin conditions.

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